Tips for having a radiant skin

Tips for having a radiant skin

Tips for having a radiant skin
September 13, 2019

Counting calories every day can be good for your body. But that is why it is not always healthy for your skin. Due to different diets you can sometimes get a deficiency of certain vitamins and you can see that on your face. But don't worry, you don't have to choose between your face or your slim line. Here are some tips for a healthy balance between inner and outer beauty.

Become best friends with proteins

Proteins are important in the production of collagen. So quickly walk to the greengrocer's shop because an abundance of greetings and fibers stimulates this process. Beta-carotene, or vitamin A, ensures better skin development and healthy skin. This vitamin can be found in sweet potato, pumpkin, kale and spinach. Broccoli, nuts and avocados are also important for our skin.

Nice and fruity

Vitamins C from oranges and kiwis are known to stimulate collagen. Lemons also do wonders on your face and it is very simple too. Add one to three liters of water and you have your drink for the whole day. 

Fats that are allowed

Eat plenty of healthy fats such as nuts, avocados and even oils such as coconut oil. It's all just a bit of a hassle. A handful of nuts as a snack is a healthy snack. These give you essential fatty acids that function as a natural moisturizer, a moisturizing cream, to keep your skin supple.

Watch out for hidden sugars

On the food market you will find products that contain little or no calories. But you have to be careful with these goods. They contain just more sugars and even artificial nutrients. These are a huge devastation for the skin and reduce the production of collagen. This way the face and skin lose its youthfulness. Therefore only eat food in its most natural form.

The Skin hates slimming

Having healthy skin is all about balance and not hardship at all. So starving makes no sense at all. Eat enough vegetables and healthy snacks such as nuts. Enjoy the most natural form of the products and do not starve yourself. It is these small things that give you beautiful skin but also a slim waist. 

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