Why water is beneficial for your skin

Why water is beneficial for your skin

Why water is beneficial for your skin
September 13, 2019

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Sufficient moisture is the most important ingredient for beautiful, healthy skin. At the same time, water actually attacks your skin. How does that work exactly?

For years the motto was: drink two liters of water a day, which is good for the skin. Now some state that there is no scientific evidence for this. Delete those two liters? No, it is important to drink enough. Water plays a major role in the purification of the body. Our kidneys need a lot of moisture to remove waste.

Cold shower

Strange but true: washing with water dries out the skin. Be careful, especially in areas with hard water. The reason is that soap residues in hard water cannot dissolve well and partially remain on the skin. This can eventually affect the protective layer of the skin, causing the skin to lose moisture and dry out more quickly. Very hot water also dries out extra: the natural layer of fat dissolves faster and more thoroughly, and therefore the skin loses even more moisture even faster.

Shower preferably no longer than ten minutes. The same applies to taking a bath. Feel free to skip that extended shower for a day. Cleaning with water is not always a good idea for the face. Instead of cleaning products rinsed with water, so-called micellar facial cleansers are an excellent alternative. Micelles are parts of molecules that cluster and retain makeup and fat. Apply to a cotton ball, gently wipe over the skin and all dirt is removed.

Full of minerals

Water plays another role: it is an essential part of every cream. Some cosmetic lines screen with the designation of mineral water, other products are built around a certain spring water. The difference? Mineral water is pure water from an underground source; the mineral composition is constantly the same. This water is bottled at the source. With spring water, the taste and the mineral composition do not have to be constantly the same.

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